Sport Shooting and Traditional Shooting

Originally deriving from the Munich Crossbow and Crossbow brotherhood, the HSG Munich today, is effectively the largest and simultaneously the most successful shooting society in Germany. Top athletes such as Sonja Pfeilschifter, Michael Winter, Harald Hack, Hubert Bichler and Gottfried Kustermann have left and are still leaving their mark on the image of the HSG. What’s more, Hobby shooters are also impressed with the quality of the ranges and pleasant atmosphere.

backside of HSG building

Home of Hobby and Competitive Shooters

The HSG purposely offers its members a wide variety of activities. The everyday sportsman/lady just
looking to relax and enjoy good company is just as welcome as the ambitious competitive shooter looking
to gain titles and success in this fascinating sport.

The fact that children, teens and adults of all abilities will find excellent training conditions and optimal
support at the HSG Munich, is best seen, by looking at our imppressive successes achieved in sport over the
last few years.

Nevertheless, our training and social get-togethers are always with a fair portion of fun. It goes without
saying that we offer all newcomers the opportunity to try out the sport of shooting without any commitments,
to see if it appeals to them.

Shooting Comradeship and Typical Bavarian Atmosphere

Ranging from traditional shooting to modern competitive sport – the HSG Munich offers the complete range.
With us, shooting is still a real adventure. At the same time, we highly value a hearty togetherness, exemplary
support for the youth, as well as an interesting selection of social activities. Hence our "Ladsaal" is an ideal place
for an informal chat amongst fellow shooting colleagues. Additionally, all our celebrations and official functions
take place in our historic "Festsaal" banquet hall, which promises a very special experience every time.